Brexiter who knows he was conned by promise of ‘sunlit uplands’ decides to continue defiantly insisting he wasn’t

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Brexit voter Simon Williams, who spent most of 2016 and 2017 insisting that Brexit would bring an unprecedented boom to the UK, is today insisting that he knew all along that it would hurt.

As even the most ardent Brexit supporter is now admitting that Brexit itself will lead to some ‘short term’ pain for the country, Williams is insisting this has always been his position.

“I’ve known this was going to be a painful process right from the get go, but I also know it’s worth it,” he told us, while trying to delete numerous Facebook posts from 2016 that might contradict his position.

He went on, “Just because none of the Leave campaigns talked openly about the economic issues we’d face if we voted for Brexit doesn’t mean I didn’t think it would happen. I knew they would happen.

“How did I know? Because the Remain campaign couldn’t stop talking about the negative consequences of leaving the EU – yes, my side might have dismissed them as Project Fear at the time, but I did believe them – that’s why I can sit here today confidently telling you I knew this is how it would all turn out.

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“You might think it’s strange that I’m now admitting that I didn’t believe the people I voted for, and instead believed the people whose campaign I rejected – but that’s only because your tiny remoaner mind can’t comprehend that I voted for the thing I was told wouldn’t happen, and that I actually believed the people I previously said were lying.

“And that’s the truth. End of.”

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