Adventurer parents to hold Alignment Reveal party for their new baby

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Thrognar the Barbarian and Symbellia the Sorceress are inviting friends to a party where they will reveal the alignment of their newborn child, they have announced.

According to invitations sent out by Message spell this morning, the two are looking forward to sharing the exciting news of whether their baby is going to be Lawful or Chaotic, Good or Evil at a gathering of those they care the most about.

“It’s an important moment in our journey together as parents,” Symbellia said.

“From the moment Thrognar proposed with a +2 Ring of Protection, to the ceremony presided over by a cleric of Ehlonna, the day when we cast Know Alignment on our first child was one we knew we wanted to be a happy, public gathering.”

“In this day and age it’s vital to be open and accepting of who your child is and what they want to be, so we’ll love our little one even if they turn out to be Chaotic Evil or grow up to be a bard.”

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The invitation was accompanied with a list of suggested gifts, which included a suit of My First +1 Scalemail, a chew-resistant spellbook, and forty thousand gold pieces.

When asked, fellow party members said they didn’t really see the point as all babies are Chaotic Evil and reckon Thrognar and Sybellia are just using the event as an excuse for a party – and hoping for some neat loot as gifts to help do up that castle they cleared out and moved into last year.