Wednesday 30 January 2019 by Andrew

Samantha Cameron reassures David he’ll be mainly remembered for legalising same-sex marriage

David and Samantha Cameron

Samantha Cameron has today reassured her husband, former Prime Minister David Cameron, that he’ll probably be mainly remembered for legalising same-sex marriage, and not anything else.

The reassurances were triggered by David Cameron, who resigned in 2016, coming out of his £25,000 shepherd’s hut where he has been writing his memoirs, to show his wife what he’d written so far.

Samantha Cameron explained: “David said that he’d already written 19 chapters about how he legalised same-sex marriage, and was wondering if there was anything else he needed to put in the book.

“He looked a bit sad, worrying about what his legacy was going to be, so I told him that legalising same-sex marriage was almost certainly the thing he’d be remembered for the most when people think about him in the future.

“Even though Labour brought equality to the age of consent, and introduced civil partnerships, and David clearly spent a long time weighing up how many supporters he’d lose against how many he’d gain before deciding that legalising same-sex marriage was the right thing to do – nevertheless, he did it.

“That really cheered him up and he said it made him feel like he’d been a success as Prime Minister.

“But then he looked sad again and asked if he should mention ‘you-know-what’ in his memoirs – whether Brexit required a chapter.

“I told him not to worry – he could add it as a footnote at the end, and to instead go back and maybe write another chapter or two about how he legalised same-sex marriage.”

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