Hard Brexit ministers unsure why Theresa May suddenly so keen to call them via FaceTime

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Cabinet ministers and MPs who are publicly supporting a hard Brexit were surprised to wake to a flurry of FaceTime calls from the struggling prime minister this morning.

May, attempting to gain support for an amendment to be voted on in Parliament later today, has embraced Apple’s video telephone product after only discovering it late last night.

Members of the pro-Brexit European research Group awoke to 412 missed video calls from the prime minister’s personal phone.

Chair of the group Jacob Rees-Mogg told the press, “We were having a private meeting in our lair when the Prime Minister began calling using FaceTime. It was relentless. Missed call after missed call. Even pressing the power button didn’t seem to deter her.

“It was very odd, especially as she knows the best way to contact me is via carrier Pigeon.”

Reports this morning suggests the prime minister has woken with terrible cold, which couldn’t be worse timing on what is a crucial day for Brexit negotiations.

A spokesperson confirmed, “The PM will have to find another way of contacting Ministers, perhaps via a video link of some kind.”