Gordon the Gopher ‘heartbroken’ at not being asked to appear in Webuyanycar adverts

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80’s TV legend Gordon the Gopher has spoken for the first time of his heartbreak at being ‘left behind’ by former sidekick Philip Schofield.

Gordon, who shot to fame in 1985 as the face of Children’s TV and then Going Live, said that he hadn’t heard from Schofield in more than ten years – and that he was just ‘waiting for the phone to ring’.

Describing their working relationship as ‘hand in glove’, Gordon told us he felt betrayed that Schofield had gone on to greater fame and highly-paid advert appearances and hadn’t invited him to be involved.

“Philip was a nobody when I found him, you know. Literally living in that broom cupboard like a proto-Harry Potter, and this is how he repays me.

“The whole thing was my idea; the wacky japes, the jokes, the anarchy – he was just a mouthpiece for all my best ideas.

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“If I’d known what he’d turn out like I would have given myself the speaking role, but I’m a method actor – I spent literally six months living as a bathtub rubber duck to get the perfect squeak for the part, but it all went to his head and he forgot his friends.”

When asked for comment, Schofield said that he hadn’t forgiven Gordon for ‘that time with his wife’, and if anyone was going to be getting the Webuyanycar gig it would be Edd the Duck.

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