We just got sick and tired of enjoying our lives, say young couple who are starting a family

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An apparently happy young couple from Colwyn Bay in north Wales have shocked friends, relatives and colleagues by announcing that they are starting a family.

Up until now James Davies and Sarah Scott, both 24 and working in the civil service, have spent all their spare money and time on holidays, attending concerts and eating out in fine restaurants.

“It’s been amazing,” said James. “Last year we even flew to New York for the weekend to see Iron Maiden…just because we could! But when we came back I was in a coffee bar and I saw this bloke about my age with a couple of young kids and one of them was throwing up all over himself and I thought: Hmm, is there something missing from my life?

“We’ve always had at least three holidays a year and maybe a few weekend away in between,” confirmed Sarah.

“As well as going to New York last year we also went hiking in the Stubai Alps in Austria. I loved every second of it, but I was talking to some friends of mine the other day and one of them was saying that every morning her young son barricades himself in his room and refuses to go to school and starts screaming the whole house down, and it got me thinking.”

Sarah is pregnant now and the birth of their first baby together is just six months away.

“I just can’t believe it,” said Angela Hopkins, a colleague of both James and Sarah. “All they do is go on holiday and go away for weekends and go to gigs. Why the hell would they want to ruin that?”

“You can’t spend your entire life having fun, can you?” said James. “There comes a time when seeing the world and relaxing on exotic beaches and stuff loses its lustre and you need to find something deeper and more meaningful, like trying to placate a screaming four-year-old in a supermarket car park.”

“Mmm. I can’t wait,” agreed Sarah.