Man who has never paid for an album in his life outraged by price of tickets to live shows

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A man who has free-streamed every single piece of music he’s ever listened to simply cannot understand why artists charge so much for live shows, it has emerged.

34-year-old Simon Williams says that the prices charged by his favourite bands are ‘taking the piss’ and he can’t understand why they’re ‘ripping off the fans’ in that way.

“I’ve supported these guys all my life but they must think I’m made of money asking what they are for a gig,” he said in an aggrieved, disbelieving tone.

“I’ve streamed all their albums – sometimes even the leaks before they’re properly released – and I play them all the time and this is how they repay me?

“They should show gratitude to their true fans like me by making their performances much cheaper.

“If only there were some way bands could be persuaded to start selling gig tickets for a tenner or so like they did twenty years ago when everyone paid actual money for their records.”

Simon has confirmed that when he told the person running the merch stall that £15 was a rip off for a tour t-shirt he was instructed to fuck right off.