1 in 20 Britons believe Anne Frank was a unit of French currency

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Following a survey carried out on Holocaust Memorial Day, at least five per cent of Britons believe Anne Frank was enough to buy you a baguette and some cheese in old French money.

Despite numerous holocaust awareness campaigns and the fact that every kid does the Nazis in school, a further eight per cent responded by insisting it wasn’t as bad as everybody’s making out.

Among the latter group, a significant proportion agreed that although the concentration camps did exist, they were no worse than the Pontins in Prestatyn, at least according to the reviews on Trip Advisor.

And contrary to popular opinion, not all of those surveyed were fully paid-up members of the Labour Front Bench.

Activist, Simon Williams, said, “Even among those who did know about Anne Frank’s Diary, a certain proportion thought it was like Bridget Jones’ Diary, but without the Mr Darcy character, and with far less obsessing about weight loss.

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“However, there is absolutely no excuse for not being well-informed about the holocaust. Not everybody can claim to have had retired TV personality, Fred Talbot, for a History teacher.

“A number of people also thought that Holocaust were a Scottish heavy metal band, formed in Edinburgh around 1977 and influenced by Black Sabbath and Judas Priest.

“One led to the deaths of at twelve million Jews and other ‘undesirables’. The other led to temporary hearing loss and sporadic bouts of tinnitus.”

He added, “It’s hard to believe such morons exist.

“Seriously, if I had my way I’d have them rounded up and have them ‘re-educated’ on an industrial scale.”