Queen calls for ‘respect and understanding’ between normal people and the mindless twats who disagree with them

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People should show respect and common decency to the mindless twats who disagree with them, the Queen has said in a speech.

Speaking to the Sandringham Women’s Institute, Her Majesty made what many are seeing as a veiled reference to Brexit when she told attendees they should respect differing opinions and find common ground with the dribbling fuckwits who hold a different opinion to you for no reason whatsoever, the arseholes.

“Just because someone is a hopeless drooling simpleton who is actively allergic to facts and got most of their opinions by randomly choosing words off the back of a box of shreddies doesn’t mean they don’t deserve your courtesy,” she said.

Many are interpreting Her Majesty’s speech as an intervention in the ongoing debate between normal people who use common sense and hopeless fucking jerks who are probably being paid by Vladimir Putin or George Soros or something.

”Reach out and find common ground with the spiteful vermin who don’t even deserve to live in a decent society,” she told her audience.

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“Except for the people who type in all caps and can’t use apostrophes. Fuck them,” she concluded.