Man who didn’t understand the Customs Union moves neatly on to not understanding the WTO

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A man who had no clue whatsoever how the EU’s Customs Union worked also has no idea how the WTO works either, he has revealed to friends on Facebook today.

Simon Williams, who believed that single market rules included forcing Britain to take a certain amount of refugees and how straight bananas should be, also believes that WTO rules mean the EU would be forced to keep trade terms with the UK for ten years and that there’s a court to enforce that.

“The World Trade Organisation is a global trade deal that would allow us to trade on better terms than we’ve already got with the entire world the day after we leave the EU,” he told us in direct contradiction of the observable reality currently surrounding us.

“At the same time, the EU and UK would keep their same trade terms for ten years under Article XXIV,” he added, displaying that he blatantly hasn’t read Article XXIV, doesn’t understand it, and only knows about it from some bullshitter on Twitter who shared it hoping no-one would actually read it.

“And if the EU doesn’t abide by what the WTO says, we could then impose whatever tariffs we like on their products coming into the UK, whilst dropping tariffs for everyone else,” he continued, despite that being literally the exact opposite of what WTO rules actually say.

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“Really, it’s very simple,” he concluded with possibly his least accurate statement of all.

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