Woman who always has heating on full still going out in a strappy top and skirt tonight

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A woman whose heating is always on full blast is still going out in a strappy top and miniskirt tonight.

Simone Williams, who ‘feels the cold’ and isn’t happy at this time of year unless she’s under her big rug on the settee with a mug of tea, will be going out tonight in a top which would struggle to insulate a hamster.

“She’s bananas,” her boyfriend told us. “It’s forecast to be two degrees centigrade tonight but she wigs out at me if I turn the thermostat in the house below twenty.

“Even when the house is roughly as warm as the surface of the sun she’ll go round making sure the radiators are on and snuggling up in a onesie lined with fleece.

“But when it’s time to go out in the freezing fog she removes eighty per cent of her clothing and says she’ll be fine.”

When asked, Simone said that yeah, it’s a bit chilly out, but nothing like as bad as it is at home without at least two duvets.

“You don’t feel a bit of a nip in the air when you’re mullered anyway,” she added.