We are having a second vote on my deal in case anyone has changed their mind, insists irony-free Theresa May

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Theresa May has announced a second vote on her Brexit deal to be held on 29th January, defending the decision to hold another vote by saying it’s perfectly possible for people to change their minds on a major decision in a two week period.

The next vote will follow two weeks of talks and discussions about her deal, during which it is possible some details may change, and apparently, according to Theresa May, when the details change you are allowed to change your mind.

The prime minister told reporters, “MPs voted this week on what they thought the deal was going to be – and they said no. And I heard them. But things change, and it turns out the deal won’t be exactly what they thought it would be.

“I will work with my parliamentary colleagues over the coming days, and the deal might change slightly to accommodate their concerns – and when things change, it’s only right that we give those same people the opportunity to vote again and perhaps change their minds.

“This is how democracy works. A democracy where you can not change your mind is no democracy at all.

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“No, I don’t see this as remotely hypocritical.”

Backbench MP and ERG member Simon Williams told us, “This is an outrageous slight on our nation’s democratic principles. MPs voted against Theresa’s deal and that means NO Theresa’s deal!

“I don’t care if the details of that deal have changed, or that my assumptions about it are proven wrong, no means NO!

“She lost and she needs to get over it.”

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