Ghostly White Fiat Uno flees Prince Philip crash site

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A ghostly white Fiat Uno was seen fleeing the scene of Prince Philip’s car crash, according to eyewitnesses this evening.

The Duke is apparently unhurt after the crash which saw his car overturn, but police are keen to speak the owner of an ephemeral mid-90’s white Uno that was allegedly present at the scene.

Witness Simon Williams told us, “The Fiat seemed to be trying to force the Duke’s car off the road, I’ve no idea why but they certainly seemed to know each other.

“I can’t be sure who was driving the Fiat, but it looked like a well-dressed woman in her late thirties and she was very angry. After the Duke’s car overturned she stuck her hand out of the window to give him the finger as she drove off. I say ‘drove off’, it was more as she ‘dissipated’.

“As her car finally disappeared from view I could hear a faint voice all around me, like a very posh lady screaming ‘you lucky fucker!’

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“Apparently she’ll ‘see him soon’, whatever that means.”