‘Brexit’ scriptwriters admit they have no idea how to write season finale

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The scriptwriters of the long-running British TV saga ‘Brexit’ have admitted today that they have no idea how to write the season finale, due to be broadcast on March 29th.

Showrunner Simon Williams told us, “I’m afraid the rumours are true – we’ve all got writers block. This is worse than trying to end Game of Thrones.

“We’ve put in as many twists and turns as we can, but now we can’t work out a plausible way to finish the story. We were just winging it, making it all up as we went along.”

Critics agree that the series is sagging somewhat, pointing out that they saw the ‘Theresa May loses meaningful vote’ plot twist coming eighteen months ago.

“They’re just spinning it out now,” said the Guardian’s TV critic.

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“The Christmas vote postponement cliffhanger was a surprise – we haven’t seen drama like that since Den and Angie, but it’s all getting a bit repetitive.”

Williams tried to put a positive spin on the dilemma, saying, “We’ve got some great characters – there’s Theresa May, the villain the audience loves to boo whenever she comes on screen.

“Then there’s Jeremy Corbyn, the villain the audience loves to boo whenever he comes on screen.

“Then there’s Michael Gove, the villain the … hang on a minute – have we got too many similar roles in this? I think we might have forgotten to put a hero in.”

Spoilers have been leaking from the writers room for months now about a Black Mirror-esque dystopian ending, but there are also rumours on Internet forums that the writers are looking for more left-field ideas.

Superfan Ellen James said, “What about Caroline Lucas picks up the House of Commons mace, bludgeons every other MP to death and declares herself Prime Minister?

“Or a crossover episode where Philip Hammond regenerates as Doctor Who?

“Or maybe David Cameron wakes up in the shower in 2016 and decides not to hold a referendum after all?”

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