Britain successfully lulls EU into false sense of security by giving appearance of incompetence and confusion

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As Theresa May’s Brexit deal was voted down yesterday, Europe looked on, baffled at the incompetence and confusion coming out of Westminster – which could be exactly what the government want them to think.

For the past two years, Theresa May has carefully cultivated an image of weakness, belligerence and stupidity and with the EU now successfully lulled into a false sense of security, she could be ready to pounce.

“Well, it’s the only reasonable explanation, isn’t it?” said Simon Williams, a Brexit supporter and leading collector of women’s bicycle seats.

“The government has made themselves look like a right gaggle of hapless gurning pillocks, I can’t think why they would do that unless it was to trick the EU into thinking that they’re in the driving seat.

“So, now, while they are all sitting around drinking their fine claret and eating brie and not wearing bras, and they’re all happy they have won, we come in, say ‘up yours Delors’ to a divorce settlement, steal Brittany and run off into the arms of a trade agreement with China.

“The only other option is that government really is a gaggle of hapless gurning pillocks – and that can’t be right, can it?”

Following the vote last night, it is unlikely the government could make itself look any less confused and incompetent, likewise, the EU couldn’t have a greater sense of security, therefore it can only be a matter of days before Theresa May strikes and a successful Brexit is secured.

It’s the only explanation.

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