Hard Brexiter and Remainer both convinced they won tonight’s parliamentary vote

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A hard Brexiter and staunch Remainer are both claiming victory after tonight’s parliamentary vote, insisting it takes them a step closer to their desired outcome.

After parliament voted 432 to 202 against Theresa May’s deal, both the Brexiter and Remainer claimed it is all proceeding as they have foreseen.

“This is exactly what we wanted, so I couldn’t be more delighted,” explained one of them, excitedly.

“The only realistic outcome now is the one that I’ve been calling for since the summer of 2016, so obviously I’m the delighted one,” said the other.

“Finally we can put this ridiculous deal in the bin and move forward with the only option that’s really still available to us,” they both added in unison.

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With a hard Brexit and a people’s vote both still realistic options given then result of the vote, it is expected that both parties will spend the next few days insisting they won, and that the other side should get over it.