“Angry at our ad? Trim back that broflake rage with the new Gillette Sensor Incel”

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Gillette is seeking to counteract the anger it has fueled by its latest advert, with the launch of a new product targeted at the sort of broflake who gets cross at adverts for razors.

The controversial ad in question uses the classic Gillette slogan “the best a man can get” while suggesting the world might be better if men who are not currently nice or kind decided to change their ways and become a bit more nice and kind.

“And that’s just fucking bullshit,” said Simon Williams, a man who swears he is nice and kind but is, in fact, neither.

“I was absolutely ready to boycott Gillette over this hippy, lefty, girly nonsense until they revealed their latest product, and I have to say the Gillette Sensor Incel is an absolute blinder of a razor.

“It’s all in blue, which speaks to my entrenched idea of gender roles, and it shapes my neckbeard real nice.

“I particularly like the way it’s vaguely phallic in its shape. I’m sure no other razor is like that and it will drive the feminazis nuts.”

Gillette spokesperson, Hayley Rice, said “It’s actually the exact same razor we’ve been selling for years, just in a different box with a fedora on the front.

“You might think it’s a weird choice to cater to this market straight after the ad we ran which decries toxic masculinity, but make no mistake: we’re about making money far more than we are about making the world a better place.

“We’re a razor blade company, not fucking folk singers.”