“Maybe we should all just be a bit nicer to each other?” suggests stupid f*cking dickhead

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A complete twat reckons the world would be better if we were all a bit more gentle, considerate and kind to each other in our words and deeds.

Simon Williams, who obviously fell out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down, made the comments after reading a few Facebook comment threads, watching a Parliamentary debate and then reading a newspaper.

“We’re just all so nasty to each other, and it doesn’t look like it’s actually getting us anywhere,” commented Simon, who obviously wasn’t loved enough as a child.

“I’m all for a spirited debate, but not one that drifts into personal insults faster than you can say ‘soy boy’. It’s just not very nice and it hardens people to one’s point of view rather than convincing them,” continued the tedious little smartarse.

Utterly reasonable person, Hayley Rice, said, “What a complete cuck.

“I absolutely reserve the right to trawl through the Facebook profile of anybody who disagrees with me on a political point and make disparaging remarks about their spouse and/or children.

“Who does this Simon Williams think he is? Jesus? because we nailed HIM to a fucking cross for suggesting we should be nice to each other and I’m well up for doing it again.”