Kids left wondering why Mum is so determined to take them to see Aquaman

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A local mum is prepared to walk through fire to take her children to see Aquaman.

The film stars a coincidentally-stunning Jason Momoa as the titular superhero of the sea and has grossed over $1billion worldwide so far.

“And mum really wants to take us to see it,” said a puzzled Simon Williams, age 11.

“It’s really weird. We had to practically beg her to take us to see Infinity War and we’re actually not really bothered about Aquaman, but she’s moving heaven and earth to find time to take us to see it.

“Maybe she just has a secret passion for the DC universe and its lesser-known characters?”

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Mothers across the country have reacted angrily accusations that their attempts to try and do something nice for their kids carry a secret ulterior motive.

Simon’s mum, said, “I don’t get why everyone is so shocked – I just want to give my kids a treat, is that such a crime?

“Now both of you hurry up and put your shoes on so we can get there before it starts. We don’t want to be late and miss the first bit where he takes his shirt off, which I imagine is crucial to the plot where he saves Spider-Man from the Daleks or whatever.”

Cinema manager, Jay Cooper, said, “Yeah, we’ve had a lot of mummies, some of which don’t even bother with the pretence of bringing their kids.

“I don’t want to be too graphic but we’ve had to deep-clean an awful lot of the seats this week.”