Black men are terrible fathers, says shit-stirring hack who once hit his pregnant girlfriend

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Rod Liddle, who received a police caution in 2005 for assaulting his pregnant girlfriend, has decided that he is the best person to tell black people that the reason they are so often the victims of violent crimes is that they weren’t raised by the type of wonderful person he is.

In a Sunday Times column, the man who left his wife and mother of his two children during their honeymoon so he could shack up with a woman half his age, claimed that the breakdown of traditional family values in BME families was causing knife crime.

He wrote, “Are we surprised that black teenagers are dying when they come from families without any strong male role models? Proper blokes who will proudly and publicly call their mother a slut during divorce proceedings.

“Men should be there for their children. From that first prenatal punch to that sweet moment where you leave their mum because you want to shag someone barely older than them.”

Social media exploded in outrage at the piece with many using strong terms to describe Rod Liddle such as “wife-beating scum”, “racist tosspot” and “the result of an unholy union between a llama and a monkfish.”

Simon Williams, the Comments editor for the Sunday Times, when asked why he commissioned a piece from a man who once made jokes about smoking in Auschwitz, said there was a clear business case for it.

He explained, “We get every angry leftie and then, in response, every angry right-winger endlessly drawing attention to our newspaper.

“Remember, we are a Murdoch paper, and thank you for helping.”