The only way to defeat far-right extremism is to do everything they want, insists Chris Grayling

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Transport Secretary Chris Grayling has spoken out to warn MPs that far-right extremists could become unhappy if we as a society don’t continue to do precisely as they want.

With a vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal coming this week, Grayling has said that voting against the Brexit deal could enrage far-right extremists and that keeping them happy is, after all, our number one priority.

Grayling went on, “If there’s one thing history has taught us, it’s that giving far-right extremists everything they want is definitely the best way to defeat them.

“From the Nazi’s of World War II, to the white nationalists of 1960s America, all of these groups have been put in their place by giving in to their demands.

“Nothing good ever comes from defying the will of these people. The only way to beat them is the acquiesce entirely.

“The only good far-right extremist is an entirely satisfied far-right extremist.

“Never in the history of mankind has angering far-right extremists led to something good. No it hasn’t. Shut up.”

Those on the far-right of politics have backed Graylings claims, insisting they will be happy to step back from the spotlight as soon as everyone does what they say.

Far-right extremist Simon Williams told us, “Chris Grayling is right. If we get everything we want, I’ll happily go back to watching repeats of Til Death Do Us Part from the comfort of my sofa.

“But, if you think ‘getting Brexit’ is the same as ‘getting everything we want’ then you’re a fucking idiot.”