Question Time fans outraged as David Dimbleby regenerates as a woman

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Question Time fans were left outraged last night after discovering that the writers have decided that long-term host David Dimbleby should regenerate as a woman.

Angry viewers bombarded the BBC with complaints as the popular TV hero returned to screens with a completely new look, and entirely bereft of a penis.

“It’s an absolute disgrace,” raged the gentleman in the blue jumper.

“Throughout my entire life Question Time lords have been men, it’s just not right having a woman up there in a chair asking people questions and pointing at other people.

“Everyone knows you need a penis to interrupt people and then point at someone else. They’ve created a fantasy world in which women can do important jobs and viewers won’t like it. We can’t be expected to suspend our disbelief this far.

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“It is political correctness gone mad, another example of the Biased Broadcasting Corporation kowtowing to leftist propaganda. They won’t be happy until MasterChef is completely halal or – even worse – vegan.”

Fiona Bruce has taken over the role from Dimbleby, debuting last night with a new-look band of companions; potential love interest Nish plus pals Melanie, Jo, Emily and James, a loveable buffoon there for comic effect.

While the new-look show has brought criticism, it has also been given the thumbs up by some observers.

“I think it’s refreshing to have a female lead in the role,” said the lady in the front row with the dangly earrings.

“Even if those bloated, gammony-faced villains are more terrifying than anything I’ve ever seen before.”