Supergonorrhoea to join ailing DC Extended Universe

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Supergonorrhoea has joined the DC Extended Universe in a bit to raise awareness of the ailing film franchise.

Film critic, Simon Williams, said, “The series of films, which are critically panned by comparison to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, are in dire need of a boost.

“What better way of doing that than introducing a horrific antibiotic-resistant sexually transmitted disease.

“The story begins after the Justice League find themselves getting roundly fucked. Supergonorrhoea turns up soon after.

“Batman, Superman and – everyone’s favourite ‘Who dat?’ – Aquaman, find themselves taking an extended lunch break in the GU clinic worrying about having that metal thingy scrape down their pipe.

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“Mainly, cos none of their costumes have any flies to unzip.

“After a long battle, the villain spreads his influence all over the world.”

Should the new character prove to be a success, further villains that could be introduced later include Hayfever, Knits and Vegan.