Furious Brexiteers accuse Parliament of trying to take back control of our laws

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Following a government defeat in the House of Commons, many prominent Leave pundits and politicians have angrily claimed that the passing of the bill against No Deal was nothing more than a brazen attempt by MPs to take control of the UK’s laws.

Simon Williams, Conservative MP for Rutland and member of the EGR, told journalists that he was convinced that the bill was nothing but a sinister plot by remainers to concentrate all legislative power in Westminster.

“It is a sad day for democracy when the elected representatives of the people try to assert dominance over the way the country is governed and demand they have the final say on momentous decisions. Who do these MPs think they are by forcing the government to justify and change policy?.”

Mr Williams also claimed that this was not a new development but part of lengthy campaign by establishment figures to make Parliament the final authority on how the UK is governed.

He went on, “Time and time again we have seen remainer MPs ask questions, table amendments and force ministers to produce documents. When are they finally going to abide by the unbelievably vague instructions of a referendum?

“The Brexit process has to be decided by competent civil servants, a Party leader chosen by arcane selection procedures, tabloid editors, and owners of utterly charmless pub chains.

“MPs are trying to go against the will of the same people who sent MPs to Westminster to take decisions in their name.

“No, I’m not taking the piss. Why do you ask?”