Outrage as CBeebies’ Mr Tumble teaches children to sign ‘Nazi’

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CBeebies character Mr Tumble is heading for disciplinary action at the BBC after teaching the children watching his show the correct way to call someone a Nazi using sign-language.

The incident took place during today’s episode of Something Special, in which Justin met with someone who has a different opinion about Brexit.

Justin and two children sat with his Brexiter guest as they looked to see if Mr Tumble had any answers, because it has clearly got to the stage where we might as well ask someone like him.

However, after asking the Brexiter to see if a solution to the Brexit debacle could be found inside Mr Tumble’s spotty bag, the angry Brexiter stormed off while Justin spoke to the children sat with him.

“This makes him a Nazi,” he told his young viewers, “Now you try – ‘Nazi’, that’s right, ‘Nazi’,” he went on, showing the children how to do a convincing Hitler moustache.

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Parents have complained in their droves to the corporation about the incident, though it is expected the show’s creator will escape any punishment.

A BBC spokesperson explained, “It’s important that children learn how to communicate with the adults around them, and these days, as you know, everyone you disagree with is a Nazi – whether they believe in turning the UK into Aryan ethnostate, or simply disagree with you on which day the bins should be collected.

“As such, it’s essential that we spend time teaching tomorrow’s adults all the possible ways of calling someone a Nazi, and as an inclusive organisation sign-language is very much part of that.”

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