Twats in yellow vests screaming abuse at women ‘doing wonders’ for public perception of Brexit supporters

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The nation’s perception of Brexit supporters has been given a timely boost after a bunch of angry simpletons in yellow vests decided to start screaming abuse at people who disagree with them.

With Anna Soubry being called a Nazi while being pursued on her way into parliament, the yellow vests have done what was previously considered impossible and made a sympathy figure out of a Tory.

Meanwhile, Brexit supporters across the country have their head in their hands muttering, “Jesus Christ, this is all we bloody need.”

Brexit supporters Simon Williams said, “I’ve just about convinced my friends that not all Brexiters are racist idiots, and now these twats start hurling abuse at a woman walking to work simply because she holds a view that is different to theirs.

“There are plenty of satirical websites out there painting Brexit supporters as angry simpletons without these twats going around in public proving them right.

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“For the record, I think Soubry is an idiot, and that her calls for a second referendum are both divisive and politically opportunistic, but I’m not about to chase her down the street telling her so – because I’m not a fucking moron and shouting at women in the street isn’t a good look.

“Plus I find the colour yellow really drains me.”

A spokesperson for the yellow vests insisted it was their democratic right to chase women in the street while screaming abuse at them, but he was also at pains to point out that it’s not your democratic right to have a vote on the Brexit deal.

We hope that clears it up.