New episode of Sherlock confuses the hell out of everyone

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The latest episode of Sherlock has baffled absolutely everybody.

The episode, subtitled “Brexit: The Uncivil War”, sees an alternate reality where Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective has taken charge of the Vote Leave campaign during the EU referendum.

”He’s less charming and he’s lost all of his hair, but I guess that’s what a chronic smack habit does to you,” shrugged confused viewer, Simon Williams.

“I’m used to seeing Sherlock try to trick the bad guy by being much smarter than he is, so seeing him trying to trick an entire nation by thinking he is clever than them was a bit disconcerting.

”That was weird enough, but then two people doing impressions of Nigel Farage and Barry from Eastenders stopped just short of bumming each other on top of a Land Rover. Nobody needs to see that, unless you’re giving out free eye bleach.

”Martin Freeman wasn’t in it at all… maybe he’s got too expensive since doing those Batman films or whatever they were.

”There wasn’t much crime-fighting going on, just lots of scribbling on walls, which I’m fairly sure they nicked from the Social Network; nobody in Britain vandalises walls willy-nilly like that.

“I THINK the bad guy was either Michael Gove or Boris Johnson, but they’d time travelled from the past because the actors playing them were way too young.”

“…actually if there was time travel, maybe it was Doctor Who instead… oh Christ I don’t know.

“I couldn’t follow it at all, which means it’s probably going to win a fucking award.”