Donald Trump asked if he actually knows what happened to the wall in Game of Thrones

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Donald Trump might not have watched the telly show from which he keeps pilfering ideas.

The 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump (Jesus Christ that still seems ridiculous to say), has posted several photos in recent weeks of his determined/studying the menu at Burger King face next to the slogan “the wall is coming”, which is a riff on popular Game of Thrones’ weather forecast, “Winter is coming”. The President also pilfers the show’s font and art style in the photo.

However, some have questioned if the President is even familiar with the source material.

“The wall in Game of Thrones gets roundly fucked into the ground by an army of foreign invaders,” confirmed actual Game of Thrones fan, Simon Williams.

“He’s either not watched the show, or he has no sense of irony. I’m willing to believe either, but I suspect it’s the former.

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“In either case, he’s trying to promote his own wall, using art from a show whose only prominently featured wall gets decimated in under six minutes.

“Granted, Mexico probably isn’t going to have access to a massive zombie dragon, but it’s a poorly thought-out bit of marketing nonetheless.

“…actually if they DID have a dragon, that would be brilliant.”

Hayley Rice, head of marketing at HBO, said, “Yeah, we all had a good laugh about it.”

“That being said, he is consistently making use of our intellectual property without paying us or gaining our consent and we’d like him to pack it the fuck in.”

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