Disrupting flights is the worst thing drones have ever done, agree homeless Syrians

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After flights were delayed at Heathrow due to drone activity, citizens from Syria have expressed their deepest sympathies for those passengers who have had flights cancelled or delayed due to the action of a drone.

Passing on his condolences through an interview with Al-Jazeera TV, Logar province resident Simon Al-Wilhamza said, “Our thoughts and prayers are with all those British passengers who have had to spend even a minute longer than they needed to waiting around in the living hell-hole that I imagine an airport terminal to be.

“A drone spoiling your flight plans must be the worst thing ever, and we can’t imagine what they must be going through.

“Ever since my house was destroyed in 2015 by a drone that was launched under the orders of Barack Obama I had suspected that they weren’t just fun playthings.

“Then when another drone killed my neighbour and his family my concern over the impact of this technology on our lives increased, I must say. But this? The disruption facing innocent British travellers now confirms it – they are pure evil, causing desolation indiscriminately.”

Al-Wilhamza was keen to ensure that those affected know that the people of Syria are thinking of them.

He continued, “We want the British people, and any others that have been caught up in this dreadful crime against humanity, to know that even though our run-ins with drones in the past have not caused us as much suffering as having to miss a day or two of a fully-insured holiday, we nevertheless send them our thoughts and prayers.

“Just like you all did for us.”