Anna Soubry is Nazi scum insists irony-free immigrant-hating nationalist screaming into her face

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Tory MP Anna Soubry is a full-fledged Nazi according to an impeccably behaved nationalist who follows women down the street and screams insults at them.

Brexit fan, Simon Williams, accused the politician of harbouring Nazi sympathies for having the cheek to call for a second referendum, from which he has nothing to fear, it being the will of the people and all.

Williams, who describes himself as a ‘political activist’, routinely uses his Twitter account to promote the latest holocaust-denial myths, together with pictures of his pit bull terrier “Eichmann” draped in an England flag.

As a result of the disturbances, during which Soubry admitted she felt threatened, senior figures have called for a lack of irony to be made a criminal offence, carrying a minimum five-year sentence.

Such a move is likely to go down well with law-abiding patriots who respect democracy to the point of having a room full of bladed instruments with which they plan to defend it.

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Meanwhile, the incident has left many cuddly, left-leaning, liberal types in the uncomfortable position of having warm feelings towards a fully paid-up conservative, to the point of wanting to go for a drink with her, I think.

Last night Labour’s Mary Creagh described the abuse as vile, misogynistic thuggery and said Soubry should be glad she’s not Jewish.

She told reporters, “With this kind of behaviour directed at EU supporters in the ascendancy, it is surely only a matter of time before The Guardian’s Owen Jones has his jumper pulled out of shape in a side street.”

Expert John Goodier added, “The abuse seen yesterday has been as ‘increasingly vile, intimidating and aggressive – and that was by Sky News Presenter, Kay Burley.

“No, I’m not making that up.”