New album by Tool will take almost as long to listen to as it took to record

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Tool’s first album in 12 years will take pretty much that long to listen to as well, the band has confirmed today.

The band have told reporters that the album is a follow up to 2006’s 10,000 Days, the title of which was a prediction of how long the next one would take them to write and produce, and the playing time as well.

“Like them or love them, if there’s one thing you can say for Tool is that their albums aren’t exactly short, either in the writing or the experience,” insiders told us.

“In a reference to previous works, the first track on the album will be titled ‘Track no.1’, and if you listen to it you will, eventually, get to track number two – although the band aren’t ready at this stage to say precisely how long that’ll be.

“Anyway, provided you don’t take any time to eat or sleep, with any luck you’ll have just about finished listening to this new album by the time they’ve finished writing the next one in about 2033.”

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