Chinese probe to dark side of the moon accidentally lands on Decepticon base

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Megatron and the rest of the Decepticons are ‘royally hacked off’ after a Chinese moon-probe landed slap bang on top of their secret base, we can reveal.

The probe was the first time anyone has landed anything on the far side of the moon, because up until now nobody wanted to annoy the notoriously short-tempered and belligerent robots.

However, in a move which the United Nations has denounced as ‘rash and dangerous’, the Chinese space agency disturbed the slumbering alien mechanoids with a probe allegedly bearing the words “Starscream is a wanker” on the side.

“We’ve seen the films and know what happens next,” explained Chinese space chief Sino Williams. “The Decepticons get really angry, invade America and destroy the US Navy.

“We’re not really seeing a downside for us here. Scientific advance and the Pacific Ocean to ourselves. Get in.

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“When asked, a spokesman for NASA responded “Don’t look now, but we think that the farthest object in the solar system which we’ve just disturbed is actually probably Unicron. Sorry about that.”