Mickey telling your battered liver to “get up, you son of a bitch!” for New Year’s Eve

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The trainer from Rocky is egging your liver on for one more round.

After taking an absolute hammering from you for basically a straight week, your liver is more than happy to lie down for the ten-count and see you welcoming the New Year on a dialysis machine.

“Not on my watch, you lazy bum!” roared Mickey Goldmill, the fictional trainer from the Rocky films.

“We didn’t work this hard all Christmas, we didn’t come this far just to lay down and die at the prospect of a few rounds of Sambuca shots!

“You’re a liver, not an appendix! You’re useful, you’re strong, you can take this! You gotta give yourself one more! One more round! One more round, one more night of beer, of wine, of whiskey, of bad decisions and fist-fights with strangers!

“It’s New Year’s Eve! You owe this to yourself! You can’t stay down!

“Get up! Get up you son of a bitch! Because Mickey loves ya!”