What the heck have you done to Hercule Poirot, BBC asked

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Audiences are asking the BBC what the bloody heck they think they’ve done with Hercule Poirot today.

Poirot, who is a jolly, twinkling Belgian with an egg-shaped head who goes round cheerfully solving murders, was depicted as a self-obsessed misanthrope with a dark secret in the latest adaptation of The ABC Murders – which is downright silly when you think about it.

Additionally, he lives in a lovely deco apartment with Miss Lemon and Captain Hastings and every week has comical misunderstandings whilst nicking some smug murderer who has it coming – and not some damp craphole as shown.

“The thing about Poirot is that he’s a ridiculous, almost comical figure with his preening affectations, but who is redeemed by his good heart and sense of right and wrong,” said Professor Simon Williams of Kettering university department of Poirology.

”If there’s one thing he is not, it’s someone tormented by past sins and failures and his own fallibility as a man.

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“His ‘leetle grey cells’ wouldn’t allow that – cells which, I might add, he didn’t make reference to once during the three-part series.

“And for the record, Inspector Japp is a salt-of-the-earth bulldog, not a broken failure living a lonely existence on a quiet allotment. It’s like they mixed him up with Jeremy Corbyn.”

The BBC said that they appreciated the concerns about the depiction of the popular sleuth, but it’s more important to make dark parables about being foreign in a hostile, Brexit-like environment than it is to just make something that simply entertains the public.