Mexico selfishly shuts down US government by refusing to pay for the Wall

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As the US government shutdown continues, Mexico is being encouraged to stop being so selfish and pay for the wall so everyone can get back to work.

Government employees across the US are going unpaid during the shutdown, which has been caused by its southern neighbour’s refusal to pay for the wall, despite President Trump promising that they would.

The Mexican government is understood to have taken the position that where the money comes from for America’s wall is not actually even remotely their problem, leading to anger amongst ordinary Americans.

“It is completely unreasonable that Mexico is not meeting our obligations in this way,” White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders told the gathered press pool.

“We were very clear during our election campaign that Mexico would be paying for this wall, and the simple fact that these Mexicans are ignoring the will of the American people is just further evidence that we need that wall, and we need it now.

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“If you’re an ordinary American government worker wondering why you aren’t getting paid, or why those government jobs aren’t getting done, you should blame absolutely everyone except the people whose idea this was in the first place.

“The President said Mexico would pay for the wall, and we’re going to hold a gun to the heads of the American people until they stop being so childish and selfish and write that $5bn cheque.”

“And if that doesn’t work, maybe we can ask Canada for the money? Hey, at this point we’re open to suggestions.”

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