Outcry as new Watership Down fails to traumatise entire generation of children

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The BBC is under fire this morning after their new adaptation of Watership Down failed to leave an entire generation of children in need of lifelong therapy.

Switchboards at the corporation are understood to have ‘lit up’ last night under a barrage of calls from parents furious that their children weren’t being messed up by frankly horrific animations of rabbit-carnage to a cheery and heartwarming soundtrack.

“When I was young I had to sit through a cartoon of rabbits being crushed to death and drowning in their own blood, and it’s only right my kids should have to go through that too,” said angry viewer Simon Williams.

“The last time the BBC did a version of Watership Down when I was six I didn’t speak for three whole days after I saw it, and I was looking forward to much the same from my lot this year, as it’d make Christmas much easier.

“But the BBC let me down. All that happened was they started arguing over who was going to be Dandelion when they played Watership Down at school and didn’t go to bed until their usual time.

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“It’s a colossal waste of license fee payers money, and I’m not going to pay it until my children have been properly messed up by some terrifying 70s-styled horror dressed up as family entertainment.

“Oh, and the music was rubbish too.”

When asked, a spokesman for the BBC said that if parents really wanted their kids messing up they could always let them watch the news.

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