Vladimir Putin tells May it is her duty to ‘deliver on the will of the Russian president’

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Russian president, Vladimir Putin yesterday told British Prime Minister Theresa May to ensure his democratic will is honoured by making sure the United Kingdom leaves the European Union.

Speaking to journalists in Moscow, President Putin said, “Theresa May has just one job and that is to make sure that the outcome of the EU referendum – an outcome that I personally want, and used the Russian state apparatus to obtain – is honoured fully.

“The west is constantly complaining about the lack of democracy in Russia, about journalists and political opponents being murdered here, and our interference in western countries democratic processes, but we won this fair and square by manipulating the British population on an industrial scale.

“To go back on Brexit and offer the people another democratic say where we are unable to use the same tactics again to win the vote, would clearly undermine the will of the British people as laid out by the Kremlin prior to 2016.

“Everyone knows that democracy relies on foreign government interference, and to try to subvert that in favour of an honest, open, and fair democratic ratification referendum that would ensure the British people are in favour of the path I pushed them down, or not, is clearly wrong.”

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Brexiter, and retired pub landlord, Simon Williams said, “We need a leader like Putin in this country. He doesn’t fanny around with snowflake rubbish like fairness and honesty.

“Just like Farage, he has our best interests at heart, and selflessly informs us of the truth. I know that’s a fact because I read it on Facebook.”