Danish scientists isolate Hygges Boson

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In breaking news announced today, scientists working at Copenhagen University have identified the fundamental particle of nice, pleasant cosiness.

Working in specially designed laboratory conditions incorporating roaring fires, candles, thick socks and reindeer-skin sofa throws, a team led by Professor Simøn Williamssen were able to isolate the particle for the first time.

“It’s a majør breakthrøugh in cøsiness technøløgy,” said a delighted, chunky-knit wearing Professor Williamssen.

The theory of a fundamental cosiness particle was first postulated by Danish scientist Niels Bohr in 1943, but his colleagues on the Manhattan Project told him to shut up and get on with inventing an atom bomb before Hitler did.

“We got enough goddamn screwballs around here already with that Feynman guy,” Robert Oppenheimer is said to have growled.

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“Things pretty much gøt put øn the back burner after that,” Dr Williamssen told us.

“But with recent develøpments in cøsiness nanøtechnølogy, we’ve finally been able tø prøve the existence øf the Hygges Boson.

“Or ‘Bøsøn’, as we say in Danish,” he added.

Asked how he and his team intended to celebrate the discovery, Dr Williamssen said, “We’re all gøing tø spend the evening in with høt cups øf cøcøa and a really gløømy detective shøw in which løts øf peøple get murdered, drunk, ør bøth.”

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