Tourist from Iowa becomes Donald Trump’s new Chief of Staff

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The Trump administration has once again stunned the Washington establishment with the unusual move of making Mick Mulvaney, a car tools salesman from Dubuque, the second most powerful man in the US after the tourist lingered too long in the West Wing during a guided visit.

Upon meeting Mr Mulvaney, the President is said to have asked him if he was ‘busy at the moment’. Mr Mulvaney explained that he was going through a slow period as most people like to tinker with their cars in the summer. The nomination was announced soon after.

Mr Mulvaney is a long-time registered Republican, but his practical political experience has been limited to attending one Primary in 2004 and one rather heated argument with his neighbour over a lawn mower that somehow ended up being about Obama. This, of course, makes him more qualified than most of the Trump family.

The nomination has already created controversies as a series of embarrassing videos surfaced of Mr Mulvaney critiquing Donald Trump and also making a Denzel Washington impression on his brother’s stag-night that some people might consider racist.

There were some fears that Mick Mulvaney would walk away from the post. Insider sources reveal that he only accepted the job after a personal intervention from Ivanka Trump who explained that the new role came with a suit allowance and a heavily discounted membership to Fitness Planet.

Mr Mulvaney made his first public appearance on Saturday evening when he walked into the press room and confidently asked journalists who he had to talk to about getting toner cartridges.