Removal of Severn Bridge toll means Wales no longer just glamorous playground to the rich and famous

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Now that people no longer have to pay to get into Wales an influx of tourists is definitely expected.

This week is the first time that vehicles won’t have to pay to cross the Severn Bridge into Wales from England.

At £5.60 for cars, the bridge has long been the main barrier to affordable Welsh holidays for the average working family across England.

However, as of today the green, green grass of the Welsh valleys is no longer simply a glamorous playground for the rich and famous.

Head of the Welsh tourist board, Simon Williams, gave us his reaction.

“Er, I think there’s been a bit of a misunderstanding about what happens when people visit Wales,” he said.

“If you’ve heard that the weather in Wales is incredible it’s because it rains so much it’s literally unbelievable. I mean, it pisses down constantly, somehow even when there isn’t a cloud in the sky.

“If you’ve read in a brochure that Newport has a plethora of restaurants with intimate surroundings it’s because most of the curry houses double up as brothels.

“And if someone told you that the sea breeze off the South Wales coast is the most refreshing you’ll ever experience it’s because that’s the only respite from the sulphurous stench emanating from Port Talbot steelworks.”

So is Simon suggesting that Swansea isn’t actually the British answer to Cannes?

“Er, well it sort of is,” he said. “But only because there’s fuck all else to do other than stay indoors and watch films all day.”