Man who remembers when Freddos were 10p horrified to realise just how long ago that was

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A man who reckons Freddos should still be 10p has learned that was last the case in 2005, we can report.

Simon Williams, who sort-of remembers buying Freddos when he was at school, has suddenly realised that was a long, long time ago.

“I was in Asda and I suddenly noticed that they were 25p or something, and I thought that can’t be right”, he told us.

“They were 10p only the other week or so weren’t they? Weren’t they?

“I thought they must have got it wrong or inflation had gone mad, so I asked the girl behind the counter and she just looked at me funny and then I realised she was ten years younger than me and can’t even remember that far back.

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“Christ, where did the last decade go? I’m still young, right?”