Side that absolutely doesn’t need or want this deal still refusing to negotiate further for some reason

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The EU is not budging on a deal they neither needed nor wanted in the first place.

The collection of 27 countries somehow seems to have more negotiating power than a single country and is using that to its full effect – just one benefit of EU membership that Britain has chosen to throw down the shitter.

“It’s a disc race,” said Brexiter, Hayley Rice, leaving a gap between “disc” and “race” just to make sure you know she doesn’t know how to spell “disgrace”.

“Why aren’t they just doing what they’re told? That’s what I do whenever I go and buy a car, for example. You’re supposed to pay full price for a new car, everybody knows that.

“Maybe nobody in the EU has ever BOUGHT a new car, probably because they’re always drunk. Bloody French. Sorry, what were we talking about?”

EU spokesperson, Simon Le Williams, said “Yeah, sorry, no.

“You’ll have your backstop and like it, or you can have a no-deal Brexit which, as I understand it, means everything will immediately burst into flames.”