“63% of the vote is not a big enough majority” insist irony-free Brexiters

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The Brexiters in Parliament are tonight suggesting Theresa May should still resign, despite winning a confidence vote by nearly two to one.

Without irony, Jacob Rees-Mogg and those other ERG wankers have suggested the Prime Minister should still resign, while absolutely maintaining that the EU referendum result should remain untouched with a much smaller percentage of the vote of at just 52%.

”It might seem like an inconsistency to you, but I suspect you’re just not terribly bright,” said Jacob Rees-Mogg from his ever-punchable face.

“Theresa May needs to resign and the result of this confidence vote, which I asked for, needs to be ignored.

“At the same time, the referendum result, which was a much closer ball game, should remain as untouched and unchanged as my underpants since 1801.”

Journalist, Simon Williams, said, “God, I want to hit him in his thin smug face every time he draws his tiny mouth into the shapes required to make words.

“Sorry… Yes, what I was saying is that this is an utter shitshow, obviously.

“It now appears that the ones saying that 52% is a decisive victory which represents the will of the people are now saying that 63% doesn’t even count as a ‘win’.

“It smacks of a lack of self-awareness that one typically expects of Donald Trump. It’s sad to see such behaviour has made it over here. I guess this is how Grandad felt when he first had a cheeseburger.”

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