Brexit Betrayal march to attract people from all walks of racism

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Today’s Brexit Betrayal march is attracting ordinary folk from across the racist spectrum, according to reports

The predominantly white march, but with rosy, puffed-out cheeks, is set to snake its way through central London this afternoon and will include those who are just a little bit racist to the leading members of Aryan Stormtroopers For Justice.

However, there are fears that many of the patriotic demonstrators could become lost or stranded due to London being a city they no longer recognise.

Various right-wing extremists are opposed to Theresa May’s Brexit deal having taken the trouble to employ someone to read the 585-page document to them and convert it into recognisable grunts.

Steve Yaxley Lennon is set to start the proceedings at the Dorchester Hotel on Park Lane, from which he was recently refused entry for wearing trainers.

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Met Police spokesmen, Simon Williams, said, “This is set to be the largest gathering of the ultra-right since three hundred EDL members attempted to change the same light bulb – unsuccessfully I might add.

“That said, the right to protest is a fundamental principle of a democratic society, but this must be balanced by the fact that many of the marchers are fucking Nazi headbangers who struggle to walk upright.

“That in itself makes a sit-down protest far more likely at some point with all the traffic problems that will bring.”

Yaxley Lennon added, “I’ll be making an inflammatory speech or two at some point, following which there’ll be a Questions with No Answers debate.

“After that we’ll probably wind things up with a nice hot curry.”

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