Expensive Christmas supermarket adverts ensure people continue using supermarket nearest to their house

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The millions spent by supermarket chains on Christmas advertising is proving successful at making sure customers continue to shop in the same places they do every single week.

With so much revenue at stake in the run-up to Christmas supermarkets spend huge portions of their marketing budgets on festive advertising campaigns. However, despite the heartwarming family moments and delightful comic vignettes depicted in these ads, studies show that the vast majority of people continue to use the store which provides the shortest round trip.

“I shop in Sainsbury’s ‘cos it’s like, right there,” said shopper Simon Williams pointing across the road to Sainsbury’s.

“I actually hate the Sainsbury’s Christmas advert because it shows a school concert with talented children and incredible production values. That’s one of those unrealistic TV tropes I can’t stand – something that would just never happen in real life, like amazing sex or a perfectly squeezed dollop of toothpaste.

“I think the Waitrose ad where everyone rushes out of a concert to eat mince pies is very funny but my nearest Waitrose is over two miles away. And I can buy mince pies right there,” explained Simon pointing across the road to Sainsbury’s again.

But hasn’t Internet shopping made geography an irrelevance?

“Nah,” said Simon. “Even when I shop online I use Sainsbury’s because it sells all my favourite things – you know, Findus Crispy Pancakes and Heinz baked beans and stuff.

“And if I ever forget anything, need to take something back or make a complaint I can just pop into the store…which is right there,” concluded Simon pointing across the road to Sainsbury’s.