Alderaan government forced to release impact assessments on effect of leaving the Empire.

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The government of Alderaan has been forced to release documents showing the projected long-term effects of leaving the Galactic Empire after a showdown in the Senate. 

The documents form part of Princess Leia Organa’s ‘highly successful’ negotiations with regional Governor Tarkin to ensure an orderly withdrawal, and the government had insisted they should remain confidential.

Reports are already expressing concern that the assessments include several severe warnings – including an economic contraction of up to 10%, and millions of voices crying out and being suddenly silenced.

Alderaan leader Bail Organa told residents, “Not being part of the Empire will be a new lease of life for Alderaan, as we are presented with a galaxy of opportunity and potential trade partners dozens of parsecs away.

“The naysayers will no doubt insist you consider the dire consequences that face those who leave the Empire, but do not give in to Project Fear! We will be better off outside, so much better off – we don’t need some ‘impact study’ to confirm that.
“There may be some short-term pain, but Alderaan isn’t just going to blow up or something when we leave, you’ll see.

“I’m telling you that life outside the Empire would bring us the land of plenty, and look up there in the sky, it’s already brought us a new moon!”

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