UN apologises after host asks Sir David Attenborough if he can twerk

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The UN has apologised to Sir David Attenborough after he was asked by the host at a UN climate change conference a host if he could twerk.

The embarrassing moment happened earlier this week. The BBC legend had just finished an impassioned speech about climate change when the host of the event asked him if he could twerk and would he mind showing the audience his moves.

“Well, I wasn’t sure what to make of it,” said Sir David.

“Obviously, throughout my career as a wildlife documentarian, I have had to deal with people who refuse to take me seriously and only see my body when they look at me.

“But that sort of behaviour on that sort of stage is beyond the pale, frankly.

“Obviously, I can twerk. Very well, as it happens. But there is a time and a place for twerking and that is not after one has given a speech on the greatest threat to mankind in all of history.”

The UN’s published the full apology on its website, and it is as follows:

‘The UN would like to formally apologise for our host at the climate event asking Sir David Attenborough to twerk. We recognise this was a wholly inappropriate question, and it will not happen again.”

However, the apology was marred somewhat by the final lines.

“That said, we do hope that Sir David will be free to take part in our 2019 topless calendar, because whilst he is a world-class documentarian, he is also a world-class hottie.