“He was good in The Simpsons, wasn’t he?” says everybody at George Bush Snr’s funeral

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George Bush Snr’s funeral has been dominated by everyone saying how good he was in that one episode of The Simpsons.

Leaders worldwide have flown in to pay their respects to the former President and one-episode character.

“I really giggled when he and Ned Flanders became friends. Like, that was so something George would have done,” giggled famous world leader, Simon Williams.

“And then, of course, he and Homer Simpson didn’t get along because Homer was such a buffoon and George was a fusty conservative. It was just really well-written television.

“It’s nice to have something positive to focus on that doesn’t involve dead Iraqis, false tax promises or a broken economy.

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“Honestly, I wonder how many people would be here if it wasn’t for George’s fantastic performance in The Simpsons.”

A spokesperson for the Bush family said, “I really haven’t the heart to tell anybody here that President Bush didn’t actually do his own voice in The Simpsons.

“It was an admittedly cracking impression by Harry Shearer.

“But now I’m worried that if I make that announcement, a lot of these people will leave.”