Jeremy Corbyn calls for ‘meaningful public vote’ on the final outcome of Strictly

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Jeremy Corbyn has astonished Westminster by unequivocally backing a clear and meaningful public vote on the outcome of Strictly Come Dancing.

Prior to this, Corbyn had maintained a position that last year’s winners Joe McFadden and Katya Jones should remain the winners in perpetuity.

“It’s wrong to say this is a change of policy, as before this we didn’t have any policies,” Corbyn told a press conference this morning.

“But this time last year we hadn’t seen any of the contestants dance, and so it was impossible to know who the best dancer actually was,” he conceded.

“So, therefore, it is vital the public should have the opportunity to let their wishes be known in the light of the information they didn’t have twelve months ago.”

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When asked if he felt there were any other pressing issues of the day the public might valuably be consulted upon now new information has come to light, Mr Corbyn said he had a vital meeting about jam to attend in his shed with some members of Hamas, and left.