Now would be a good time to reveal your brilliant leaving plan, Brexiters told

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People that voted Leave are going to reveal their foolproof contingency plan now, presumably.

Now that the deadline for Brexit is drawing near and so far no one at all is satisfied with the outcome, everyone is waiting for Vote Leave to activate the plan which they surely must have had for this scenario.

Prominent Leave campaigner Simon Williams said, “Everybody assumes that we voted Leave out of ignorance of the facts, warped nationalism and sheer bloody-mindedness. Do you really think we would take such a decision without a solid plan in place? Please!

“All along Vote Leave has had a brilliant gambit in store, political leverage so powerful yet so simple I can’t believe it never occurred to anybody else.

“When Brussels sees what we intend, they will have literally no option but to grant us everything we ask for.

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“UK citizen’s rights will be guaranteed throughout the EU and their freedom of movement will remain valid. However, any foreign nationals attempting to enter the UK will be vetted by a panel chosen from the Daily Mail staff.

“Britain will be in the privileged position of being able to trade with any country as it sees fit without tariffs. Although in order to gain access to our lucrative financial services and stag holiday markets, 100% tax will have to be levied on foreign imports.

“The details of this incredible piece of diplomacy will be made public soon. The Brexit leadership have asked that I wait until they have reinvested their money offshore and moved abroad before I reveal the news.”

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